Corian® in a Red City

An office building named White Montrouge, was recently completed , its name a reference to the 2,400 square meters of Corian® Glacier White cladding that make this building unique.

Montrouge, meaning "Red Mount," is a trendy neighborhood in the southern part of Paris. An office building named White Montrouge, was recently completed there, its name a reference to the 2,400 square meters of Corian® Glacier White cladding that make this building unique.

"We have designed the project like a landscape," explains Dominique Marrec, the architect. "We had to offer a workplace while providing gardens, terraces, and perspectives that would fit with the urbanity of this city center." That's why the facades have the industrial architecture codes, core to Montrouge, with very large windows that are separated with very large Corian® sheets put together like a giant Tetris game.

Creating such a size of Corian® panels – 8.10 x 3.60 meters large but only 12 mm thick – was a challenge requiring inventiveness. 

"Crea Diffusion, our Corian® Industrial Partner, had to push innovation further", explains Béatrice. "They had to design new equipment to manufacture the sheets, to transport them, to bring them to the right place on the building façade."

On July 1st 2017, the 1,200 employees of INSEE – the French National Institute of Statistics & Economic Studies – moved into their new offices in White Montrouge.