Sun Shades

Among many striking features in the architecture of DuPont’s Global Headquarters in Wilmington Delaware, one immediately notices the juxtaposition of vertical sunshades designed with Corian®, against alternating aluminium and Corian® Exteriors panels, which along with ribbon windows, provide the main cladding elements.

The architectural firm AECOM, designed the use of the sunshades to not only offer a translucent glow during dusk and dawn, but to also provide an interesting array of shadows across the building as the sun sweeps by throughout the day. 

The sunshades mostly alternate between 6’ (1.83 meters) and 9’ (2.74 meters) lengths with a depth of 12” (305 mm)`. To compliment the main forms, the same vertical designs are carried forward in slimmer sizes to offer architectural interest to other areas of the courtyard between the two newest buildings on Dupont’s campus. AECOM worked with DuPont to develop outriggers specifically for the sunshade design.